While Upstate South Carolina remains within air quality attainment goals, there are still innovations to be made and opportunities to improve air quality, particularly for those at risk.

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South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC)

Amy Curran, Outreach Coordinator for SC DHEC, presented the B2 for Business Program and Renee Madden, Air Monitoring Data Analyst, reviewed the number from the State of our Air Quality Update.

SC DHEC Contacts:

Renee Madden

Air Monitor Data Analyst Air Regulation, Data Analysis, & SIP Management

(803) 898-3822


Amy Curran

Outreach Coordinator Bureau of Air Quality

(803) 898-1644


Leslie Coolidge

SC Radon Program Coordinator Division of Emissions Evaluation and Support

(803) 898-3822


Sam Christmus

SC DERA Grant Program Coordinator Division of Emissions Evaluation and Support

(803) 898-0717


Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI)

Lisa Brown, Vertical Market Director for Local Government for JCI, presented the many ways JCI is providing air quality enhancements globally.

Lisa Brown



American Lung Association

Kevin Stewart, Director of Environmental Health for Advocacy and Public Policy for the American Lung Association spoke of the effects of air quality on people at risk and the importance of adopting measures to improve air quality.

Kevin M. Stewart