Welcome – Terence Roberts, TATT Chairman

Year in Review 

TATT 2020 Overview – Dean Hybl, TATT Executive Director

Upstate Mobility Alliance – Michael Hildebrand, UMA Director

Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem – Erin Ouzts, Ecosystem Coordinator

TATT Initiatives – Justine Allen, TATT Program Manager

County Updates

Abbeville – Stephen Taylor, Economic Development Director

Decrease in ROIs and unemployment hit 13.9% in May but decrease to 4.2% in October

Marketing focus in 2021 with assistance from Department of Commerce

Promise Campaign and workforce to be highlighted

Water study and public transportation study also in 2021

Oconee – Christine de Vlaming, Marketing Director, Keowee Key

Real estate is sold out at close to 4,000 residents

Keowee Key’s model of engaging volunteer professionals includes a videographer with drone capabilities, photographer, landscape designer, and project manager (see presentation during video recording for examples of their work)

Union – Annie Smith, Marketing & Development Director, USC Union

USC Union received a 88.2% success rating

Started a Bachelor of Science/Nursing degree with 16 upper division juniors and 16 upper division seniors on campus this fall

Granted 100K dollars for upgrades to facilities, including projecting microscopes

10K grant to stock a student food pantry (large need)

Athletic department competes in the national junior college league, NJCAA, and has added a women’s volleyball team

Acquired an old high school gym in Jonesville to be renovated into an indoor training facility which is huge for recruitment (only one in the league)

Union County has designated many new development regions to attract new families and business