Sustainable Growth

Encouraging growth in appropriate locations that enhance livability in the Upstate

Creating a balance between available resources and our consumptive society is a goal that will continue to challenge our communities as the Upstate experiences consistent growth. Ten at the Top, in collaboration with regional partners, conducted a growth analysis in 2017. The Shaping Our Future Growth Analysis illustrated that if the Upstate continues utilizing land for development at the current rate, more land will move from open space to developed space between 2015 and 2040 than in the preceding two hundred years. It will be crucial in making land-use decisions that leaders in our region understand the many factors involved, including housing, workforce flow, development patterns, and transportation. Ten at the Top is working to educate the public and policy makers on topics related to the region’s future growth.  

Upstate Professional Planners

Who: Professional city and county planners, as well as others interested in land use and planning policy across the region

What: Convene periodically to network, share practices, and learn about relevant industry topics/challenges

2020 Workshops

May 27, 2020 Workshop: Virtual Public Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2019 Workshop Presentations:
April 24, 2019 Workshop – Downtowns at the Top
July 30, 2019 Workshop- Planning for the Environment

Connecting Our Future

Who: Any individuals or organizations that share the vision of creating a vibrant and connected region where transportation policy and investments promote innovation, sustainable development, and economic prosperity for all.

What: This initiative has launched the Upstate Mobility Alliance, click below for more information!

The Shaping Our Future Growth Analysis was conducted by a consortium that included Ten at the Top, Upstate Forever, and the Riley Institute at Furman University. The analysis looked at land use and revenue projections for the current dispersed growth pattern in the region as well as potential alternatives.