Ten at the Top envisions an Upstate region where collaboration, coordination, and cooperation across communities and business sectors make us stronger together.

Our Mission

The mission of Ten at the Top is to foster trust and collaboration through partnerships and cooperation that impacts economic vitality and quality of life across Upstate South Carolina. To accomplish this mission, Ten at the Top focuses on three primary objectives:

Grow trust and partnerships among elected officials, business & community leaders, and residents by initiating, convening, and facilitating discussions around key regional issues, challenges, and opportunities

Identify and promote collaborative efforts that enhance the Upstate’s physical and social infrastructure by encouraging quality growth and supporting economic vitality, natural and cultural resources, and quality of life in the region.

Measure, analyze, and report information on the needs and progress of the region on key cross-jurisdictional issues.

Our Values


Ensuring diversity in profession, background, gender, race, age, geography, thought, and action will ensure success.


Working collectively as a region is the triumph of cooperation over competition.

Regional Thinking

Responding effectively and efficiently to the demands of the global marketplace and identifying appropriate opportunities to leverage resources and work collectively toward a common goal.

Knowledge & Discovery

Enabling leaders to set aside parochial priorities in order to address critical challenges and visualize opportunities for the future.

Building Consensus

Assisting public, private, and nonprofit leaders across the region in building relationships and consensus on issues of regional significance.

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Our History


In 2005, over 300 leaders from across South Carolina’s Upstate attended a conference called “Upstate Together: Growing by Choice or Chance?”. From this conference, a steering committee of approximately 40 leaders from the region was created under the same name. Upstate Together partnered with the Urban Land Institute and received support from many communities, businesses, and leaders to develop and hold a day-long regional planning exercise called the Upstate Reality Check, with the intention of developing a Shared Upstate Growth Vision. In order to pursue the resulting Growth Vision and related areas for collaboration, Upstate Together was incorporated as a non-profit in 2009 and renamed Ten at the Top (abbreviated as TATT).

 Since its founding, Ten at the Top has partnered with hundreds of businesses, organizations, and community stakeholders to work collaboratively to address challenges that span the region. The initial Growth Vision identified five driver areas: 

Human Potential

Creating opportunities for all Upstate citizens to succeed

Economic & Entrepreneurial Vitality

Growing the competitiveness of the Upstate in the global economy

Sustainable Growth

Encouraging future growth in appropriate locations by means that enhance livability in the Upstate

Natural Beauty & Resources

Serving as reliable stewards of our natural environment and resources

Community Vibrancy

Embracing the importance and heritage of the Upstate’s urban areas and small towns

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